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Flying Eagle Transportation: Why We Care


icon 2Flying Eagle Transportation:

  • Positively impacts the health outcomes of many citizens

  • Plays a very essential role in increasing access to health care

  • Provides access to life sustaining treatments and varied medical services

Flying Eagle cares for the needs of citizens:  

  • About 3.6 million Americans miss or delay medical care due lack of appropriate medical transportation to their appointments

  • There is an increase in medical transportation due to:

    • Aging

    • Increase in chronic conditions:

    • Arthritis, asthma, cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and diabetes

    • Limited income

    • More than a half million individuals have impaired functioning due to serious behavioral problems:

    • In 2009, the Centers for Disease Control estimated that 78 percent of the adult population age 55 and older has at least one chronic condition.

    • Additionally, estimates are that states will add more than a half million adults who have serious behavioral health issues that impair their everyday functioning to the Medicaid population. (Source)

Flying Eagle Transportation cares for you!