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Flying Eagle Transportation: Testimonials

Customer Feedback 2014

"Flying Eagle is the most reliable transportation we have used. Their drivers are very friendly and respectful. We were very happy with the services they provided our son."

medical transit 4"Flying Eagle is dependable. Since Flying Eagle started providing dialysis Medical Transportation for our 16-year-old son, we have peace of mind. It is the only Medical Transportation Company that we have worked with the longest. They company has served us consistently for almost two years now. The drivers show up on time, each time my son has a dialysis appointment. Thank You Flying Eagle."

"My experiences with Flying Eagle have been very positive. I like the red vans! They are very clean. I call them my limo service. The drivers call you before they arrive at the pick up location. They wear badges at all times. I have never seen that with other medical transport companies I used before. The first day I used them, I knew I would stick with them."

"I never paid too much attention about the different medical transport companies until my son told me about Flying Eagle. My health plan sent another company to transport my son one day and he cried telling me that he wanted the red eagle car. I called my health plan and asked about the red eagle car. I found out that it was Flying Eagle; I ask to be scheduled with Flying Eagle each time we have medical appointments. I trust my son’s judgment about service; he is only 5 but he knows which car he likes."

"Flying Eagle dispatch team is patient. They helped me fix my schedules with the health plan. Sometimes health plans make mistakes about appointments, times, and dates. The dispatcher called me to inform me that I was not on my recurring schedule; I usually have appointments Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The health plan had set my ride for Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. I like a company that gives extra service."

"Flying Eagle Drivers are professional and courteous. I have been driven by different flying eagle drivers yet they all give the same kind of service. Before, I asked for a particular driver when I had another transportation company. With Flying Eagle, I just ask for a driver. They all treat me the same way. I love the red new cars."