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Flying Eagle Transportation: Our Drivers


Join the Flying Eagle Transportation community!

Flying Eagle always recruits high-quality drivers to become part of our family. We see our drivers as an important investment and source of value to our customers. Due to rigorous credentialing and better pay rates, we have attracted the best drivers.

We conduct routine performance evaluation based on:

  • Timeliness
  • Outstanding safety records
  • Customer reported incidences
  • Compliance with company policies and regulations

The combination of a highly-trained and motivated work force, clear performance standards, and process discipline has created a truly responsive, customer-focused culture throughout FET.

Joining the Flying Eagle network requires multiple steps:

  • Application
  • Credentialing
  • Contract agreement

Credentialing includes submission and review of the following: Drug Screening, National Background Check, and Driving Record Check.

The hiring team will help you through each step and provide the required documentation at every stage.


The Application Process:

Each potential driver will complete and submit an application form after meeting with the Flying Eagle hiring team. We like to meet with potential drivers face-to-face to discuss their interests in non-emergency medical transportation. We will request information from you about your work availability and previous work history. You will then be given a form to fill out and informed of relevant documents to bring.


 The Credentialing Process:

Our requirements for driver credentialing are consistent with the Minnesota’s Department Of Transportation’s (MN DOT) statutes.

Additionally, each potential driver must complete Medical Transportation Management’s (MTM) additional credentialing process. Credentialing ensures compliance with DOT standards. Driver criminal background checks ensures safety for Flying Eagle’s vulnerable populations in need of non-emergency medical transportation. When credentialing requirements have been satisfied, the Flying Eagle manager will contact the driver and request for another face-to-face meeting. The driver will start his driving duties with Flying Eagle. A welcome memo is sent to all staff to welcome the new driver into the Flying Eagle family.


 The Contracting Process:

Flying Eagle extends a contract to a driver after all credentialing requirements are met. The agreement / contract indicates the driver’s responsibilities in details. Educational training related to Non-Emergency Medical Transportation continues for the duration of work at Flying Eagle.