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Flying Eagle Transportation: How We Care

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When you setup transportation for medical care, you want everything to go smoothly. Our staff and drivers work as a team to provide seamless service tailored to your personal and cultural expectations.

Every day, we coordinate the highest quality non-emergency medical transportation for hundreds of patients from more than 7 metro counties in Minnesota. So we understand and can anticipate our customer’s needs. Our office staff and drivers will be there to assist you during all phases of your care:

Before Your Care

  • Appointment scheduling - your trips are transferred from a fax from your health plan or directly downloaded from
    a central location managed by the health plan or their agents.

  • We will call you 24 hours before your appointment to confirm your scheduled transportation

  • Accommodation arrangements - if you require extra or special assistance, we note it and make the information
    available to our drivers

  • For the “Will Call’ rides, we will call you to check if you can estimate the return time to minimize your wait time

During Transportation to Your Care

  • A trained driver will transport you to medical appointments or other specialized services

  • Assistance will be provided either door-to-door, door-through-door, or curb-to-curb

  • Our driver will tune the radio to your desired channel. You may also request a quiet ride

  • Your PCA or other passenger accompanying you will be allowed in the vehicle

  • Follow-up call may be done if the appointment is taking longer to verify if transportation is still needed

  • You will be provided with a Flying Eagle return card which contains the office phone numbers

After Your Care

  • Assistance will be provided to board the vehicle or from the facility

  • For minors, a door-to-door service is mandatory

  • A trip sheet will be provided to you to sign

  • Follow-up by our staff to check how the service went is also conducted on random basis

  • Future appointment scheduling